Business Consulting

Kompetent Biz Experts promote a wide range of products globally

Kompetent Biz Experts was established in 2010 to assist the global enterprises identify and align with the right partners not only in India but globally. For over a decade, Kompetent Biz Experts have helped many multinational companies expand their operations globally namely in Energy, Defense Equipment, Aerospace, Agriculture, Green Products and Information Technology. Kompetent Biz Experts and through its partner network have deep understanding of global mar- kets and strong network to enable global expansion across Middle East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Europe and Africa.

We offer the following expert services

  • Business re-engineering
  • Turnaround consulting
  • Identification and setup of global manufacturing facilities
  • Align global partners
  • Develop global marketing strategies
  • Product promotion

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Kompetent Biz Experts promote a wide range of products globally.